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So, I haven't made a journal or a vlog in near four weeks (hopefully I can do it this Thursday, but I give no promises). I'm preparing what I think should be a semi-permanent look, and I did a video two weeks ago, but I found it a bit insensitive, so I never uploaded it. I'm planning on remaking it a bit more sensitive.

Anyways, I have a youtuber I've been keeping to myself for the last month, and I really think you should subscribe (that is, if this stuff is your thing). Hist name is Nikola Slavkovic and he submits some really cool sciency things, here's a couple of examples:

and my personal favorite:
Slavin Empire 1650 by Spiritswriter123
Slavin Empire 1650
Edit1: Changed the map from 1700 to 1650 since the next part has things that the world looking like this in 1700 would either contradict events or make things happen very quickly, quicker then realistic

Download at your own risk

Before I go any further, I thank :iconsoaringaven: for making the Coat of Arms of the Mirovichs

Now, let's back track: During the war of the Polish Succession, the Arabs invaded Greece and Greek Anatolia, causing much damage to Greek Settlements. The Greeks fled to many corners of Europe, bringing their knowledge with them, and finally, the Europeans begun a new great age of thought. In 1572, the Norwegians, remembering the tales of Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson, they rediscovered the Americas (Named Levia, after Leif Eriksson).

Not to long after, reformation occurred in the Catholic and Duelerist Churches. The Duelerist Church saw major rewriting in the Duelerist Book of Duelers (Not to be confused with the Christian Book of Duelers), which said that any given point in time, there must be two people who rule the world (said to be born with the soul with a great god, or that the soul gets transfered to them when the last great leader dies), competing with each other (the 'world' part is exaggerated, they just mean two very powerful leaders) This was done to glorify the house of Mirovich (especially Mirov the Dueller), who were considered invincible. But, the Mirovichs, once again, have unintentionally set up a loophole for the transfer power to other, and sometimes competing, nations). The other will be explained here soon

In the Catholic Church, many people bordering the Slavin Empire's north (Germany, Poland, the Baltic States), so influenced by Duelerism, made their own version of Duelerism and wrote their own Book of Duelers to the Bible. This book just reinforced that God and Satan are in eternal struggle of power. Other reformers jumped off from this.

Stari Ras War

But, we were talking about loopholes, so talking about loopholes, in 1584, a loophole took effect the main house of Mirovich feared would be exploited. In 1584, a group of rebels took control of Stari Ras, and crowned an elected official as Emperor of Slavia. See, the loophole is that: Stari Ras will be hereditary, and the title 'Slavin Emperor' is tied to who rules Stari Ras (initially intending it to just pass from Mirovich to Mirovich), but if someone conquered or took control of Stari Ras, the conquerors could officially be Slavin Emperor.

Mirov VI quickly rushed to take power back from 'Viktor I,' but other leaders saw their chance to rise, and all rushed to take Stari Ras, starting the Stari Ras War. (by the way, the number of 'sides' in the war is so numerous that GoT's war of Five Kings seems strait-forward, although the main sides ultimately consolidated into the 'Mirovics' 'Karlins' (of the HRE), and the lesser 'Viktorics').

The war made the sides rush up and down the Slaven Empire, and it's often stated the Poland Burned (thus this war, along with the War of the Polish Succession and the next war jointly called 'The Burning of Europe), along with Morava, Slovakia, Carinthia, and so on. In 1602, after 18 years of fighting, the HRE invaded Poland (again), and in the Nine battles of Posen, the Mirov VII (Mirov VI had died by this point) lost, and retreated back to Krakow, where, the Anatolian, Crimean, and Italian Kings (but emphasis on the Anatolian) came and helped defeat the Holy Roman Forces. When Mirov VII came to thank his distant cousins, the King of Anatolia approached him and threw down his crown, claiming it was 'illegitimate.' The Crimean and Italian Kings followed suit, and even the dukes and kings of Greece threw down their crowns. No one else dare do it. In this act known as the 'Illegitimate Crowns,' jointly with the Nine battles of Posen, this was sceen as the beginning of the end of the Slavin Empire.

The lesser Mirovichs did help their cousin win back Stari Ras however, saying they have to finish what they started. The Stari Ras War ended with Viktor I captured and beheaded in 1607. After the war, the Kings of Anatolia, Crimea, Italy, and Greece crafted new crowns, while the 'illegitimate crowns' were given to the sons of Mirov VII. This did cause some tension as the Kings of the respective lands feared Mirov VII would try to give their lands to his sons. And the Greeks, with their own country, returned from the corners of Europe back to Greece.

War of the Italian Succession

Calm stayed for about twenty years, when the King of Italy (who had by this point conquered the entire Italian Peninsula) died without an heir. He left his kingdom to his nobles who elect the next king (but only the next king, and it had to have a majority, not just the most). In Naples and Sicily, a the Mirovichs had longed ruled and had been a benefit there, along with a large amount of Duelerists there, and so they naturally wanted a Mirovich on the throne, ultimately coming up with Mirov VII third son Dusan (who, maybe coincidentally, wore the illegitimate crown of Italy). The North, on the other hand, had only been under Mirovich rule for a short while and still had a distaste for them, not to mention they were mostly Catholic. They had no united house or even country they supported, they just didn't want a Mirovich on the throne.

The Two side met in Naples for the election process, but as weeks, then months went by with no majority, the South and North started raids against each other, until finally the South pulled a Louis XVI and locked the North out of the meeting. The South, by itself, then declared Dusan Mirovich as King of Italy, while the North went into another room and miraculously and unanimously declared Louis XII's third son Charles as King of Italy. In 1628 Mirov VII and surprisingly the King of Anatolia nad Crimea quickly came to the help of Naples, and Louis XII came to the help of Lombardy. The HRE, still remembering the Stari Ras War, stayed out of the conflict, but Spain did come to the help of France.

The first two years of the war was focused in Central Italy, but as the war went on the war became focused further north in the Po Valley, as French and Slavin forces chased each other up and down the valley in the 'Burning of Italy.' Eventually, in 1640, the Mirovichs were defeated decisively enough to rush back down to Naples, of which Louis XII chased down vigoursly. The Mirovich army was defeated in the battle of Naples, and in the treaty of Paris (1541), Mirov VII conceded that Charles of France was King of Italy. In the two years after, Charles's older brothers mysteriously died until Charles was the Hier of France.

Not long after the war, Mirov VII 'the Defeated' died and was replaced by Mirov VIII, a man who saw the Mirovichs were no longer one of the Two Duelers (although this isn't yet neccasarly true), and he would convert to Christianity, the first since Mirov the Dueler

Velige Huisvesting

Now, I know what you're thinking, what about the newly discovered Americas?

The colonization of the Americas is... weird, to say the least. While Countries like Celtica and the Netherlands dominate Levia politically, domestically, it's much different. The best way to describe is Velige Huisvesting, or in English 'Safe Housing.' To describe it, let's use the master of Velige Huisvesting (or just Huisvesting for short), the Dutch. First, you take two countries in war, especially a harsh war like the Stari Ras War. You offer citizens of the participants free passage to Dutch Levia, where you can own property, farm, or maybe start a shop. Once you're in Dutch Levia, you pay a 'small safety charge,' essentially a slightly larger tax. Once the war is over, you offer the citizens a ride back to their home country, but it's expensive, more expensive then the average peasant would ever get. Once you find this out (and technically, even before) you can become an official citizen of Dutch Levia, which lowers your taxes. If you become a citizen of Dutch Levia before the war is over, the fee for the ship back to your home land quadruples (more or less).

Because of the oddity of having so many races together in one place (from Norway to Arabia, from Portugal to Russia, you can find anyone), a large amount of information is quickly spread throughout the Americas. Two of the five largest universities in the known world are in Levia (Dutch Bermuda's University of Athena and Norwegian Newfoundland's Saint Albert University) and you it's quite common to see tri-lingual communities, the only cities known in Levia to have only one very dominant language is Neu Bremen (87% speak only German) and Mirovgrad (78% speak Croatian-Slavin)

Now, at the end of an era, France is gaining dominance over Europe, being called the Gaullic Empire, while the Slavin Emperor retreats into isolation
End of an Era by Spiritswriter123
End of an Era
My CKII game (started 1066) as  the Skandan empire after my greatest emperor: Tiger Emperor Vasanta.

Before Vasanta reign, the Skandas first ruled in Bengal, and slowly grew west, first culminating in Tiger Empress Kalpana. She ruled for over forty years, before finally dying, still a virgin. Next was a crazy ruler (Kalpana's cousin) before his various vassals overthrew him. His brother ultimately defeated the rebels and grew the Skanda emprire, declaring himself Tiger Emperor Mahariva.

After the death of Mahariva, his empire stayed united, but was rickety. The main line of the house of Skanda was facing trouble as the other lines tried to force their rule. Mahariva's son and grandson only ruled for 5 years each, both dying in battle, before his grandson, Vasanta, took the throne at only months old in 1201 AD, starting a 72 year golden age.

Vasanta continuously raided the Muslims to the west, and when the Mongol Khanates struck, Vasanta prepared for invasion, although luckily for him no such thing happened. Rather he was able to convert the Ilkhan to Hinduism, a major victory to him. He then invaded the old Sultanate of Sindh, that had been ruled by a Shia ruler for a century now. After two quick wars, Vasanta was able to completely annihilate it, replacing it with the republic on the Sindh, which gathered money for him.

Upon the death of Vasanta, who was also still a virgin (officially), a grand funeral was held, and his empire was handed down to his son.

In other places in the world:
Denmark is really weird, holding not only the title King of Denmark but also King of Andalusia and King of Poland.
After the Northern Crusade, Suomi is Catholic
the Rus is also Catholic now
Castille owns quite of bit of central Iberia, but also most of Aquitaine.
Shia Egypt is massive
the Ilkhanate is spreading Hinduism all over Persia... Whuhahaha
The Golden Horse is continuing to conquer the Steppes

The Skandan Empire has the fourth largest army, only after (not necessarily in order): Egypt, Byzantium, and the HRE.
The Skandan Empire is also among the richest
So, I haven't made a journal or a vlog in near four weeks (hopefully I can do it this Thursday, but I give no promises). I'm preparing what I think should be a semi-permanent look, and I did a video two weeks ago, but I found it a bit insensitive, so I never uploaded it. I'm planning on remaking it a bit more sensitive.

Anyways, I have a youtuber I've been keeping to myself for the last month, and I really think you should subscribe (that is, if this stuff is your thing). Hist name is Nikola Slavkovic and he submits some really cool sciency things, here's a couple of examples:

and my personal favorite:


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